The IPS Experience

The IPS Experience in a Nutshell

What is the IPS Experience and what makes it any different from any of the myriad other “all digital” photographers around Tucson, Arizona I could chose to hire? Simple: an easy, enjoyable experience where I guide you step by step from consultation to the end product of heirloom quality art on your walls or in your albums to be preserved for the generations. While industry veterans know the acronym as In Person Sales, I want my clients to remember it as Incredibly Personalized Service.

What’s the alternative?… Well, Normal

Like most photographers out there, I was under the ‘shoot and burn’ method of photography when I launched my business. This is the race-to-the-bottom pricing model whereby the cheapest photographer who presents at least a semi competent online presence usually wins the clients search for business. The photographer and client usually meet only on one occasion: the photoshoot. A few weeks or months after the session the photographer sends the client edited digital image files and a print release. This is often as simple as just a USB drive in a cute little box or worse yet, an email with a hyperlink to download the files and zero physical product is ever received or realized.

Why the difference?

I’ve been blessed with some great clients in my career. While I’m proud to say that I’ve delivered at least a few photos to every client that I’d call a ‘legacy shot’, I noticed that some of my best images never made it to print. Was that because clients like other photos I shot and chose to print those instead? Unfortunately: the answer is a resounding ‘NO.’  The answer is often self admitted by many clients to me today now that I provide the IPS experience: Those USB drives are received from their photographer, thrown in a desk drawer, and there the ‘photos’ still sit today. Unprinted, digitally degrading, and soon to be lost forever. Even worse are for digital download so-called ‘deliveries’ whereby the client was supposed to download them from a third party server within a period of time, after which the image files are subject to deletion. Assuming the client downloaded what they paid for, the next question pertains to file storage: do you backup your computer? Is your backup in the same location as your hard drive? Redundancy is a principle of responsible, safe data storage.

The Client IPS Experience with Echoes in Eternity LLC

In contrast with my shoot-and-burn colleagues that often only meet with you one time to meet your photo needs, I meet with my clients up to five times throughout the course of their IPS experience. This is not to waste anybody’s time, its to ensure that I understand the clients specific desired outcome of their shoot, that we order printed products of the highest quality, and that I personally deliver them to the clients home or business and deliver or install the products myself.

Step 1: Initial consultation

In our initial consultation we meet with the goal of me selling myself to you. I show you museum grade, handmade albums, framed canvasses, and my personal favorite: Fine art papers. The adage we learned in childhood: “see with your eyes, not with your hands,” most definitely does NOT apply here. I want you to hold and appreciate these products for yourself.  If you wish to proceed, this is where you will make your non-refundable session reservation fee payment.

Step 2: Planning meeting

Next we’ll meet at your home or wherever you intend to hang photos from your individual boutique session.  We’ll discuss wardrobe considerations if you’d like, and I’ll also make suggestions based on the lighting, windows, and wall sizes. Moreover, it will start looking really weird when I go around and tape blank pieces of paper to your walls and shoot photos of them. “Such an odd thing to do” you’ll say. Stand by for Step 4! 

Step 3: Photo shoot

This is where the rubber meets the road. Most family sessions last approximately an hour to an hour and a half. I usually have either already shot at our agreed upon location or I’ll scout it out ahead of time, if practical, at the time of our scheduled shoot, so I know just where to be for the magic light at the golden hour of the day.

On this day you’ll have no payments to make or decisions to fret over. Your only job is to show up on time, with hair and makeup ready, and be ready for a fun, gently guided shoot in elegant, dramatic lighting.

Step 4: Ordering session

Remember those weird photos of your walls with a blank sheet of paper we talked about in Step 2? Well here’s where they come alive! When we meet up we’ll first play a slideshow and review all best the images from your session. Next, I’ll guide you through the process and you pick out your favorites and we’ll design wall art, collages, and albums.

Using those photos of your walls, I have software that can emulate any desired size of print or canvas of your specific photos in your actual home! We can even see what the photos look like framed or unframed. This completely eliminates guesswork on your part and saves you from the fear of buyers remorse in case of a canvas being too large or small for that place you’ve always wanted a family photo.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 11.50.29 PM.png

Planning note: Please make childcare arrangements for your children as I request that adults only be present at the ordering session. I also ask that all financial decision makers be present.

So, Step 4 is where you buy stuff. I accept, cash, check, and credit or debit cards for your convenience. Clients typically order $1,000-5,000 of products. I offer a 10% discount for orders paid in full at your originally scheduled ordering session.

Step 5: Delivery

We’re still not done. An incredibly personalized, boutique experience is not complete with the mailman dumping a cardboard box on your door step. I want to be there to see your reaction when you open your family heirloom that your grand children will show your great great grand children who you were and what you looked like. I’ll have everything from drills to nails, to levels, and even stud finders so that your products are installed safely and beautifully.

To summarize: The Incredibly Personalized Service experience could not possibly make it easier for you. All I need are clients that value the permanence of a printed product and want professional guidance from start to finish to ensure that their family and memories, will—wait for it—echo throughout eternity.

This is where I’m supposed to say “The End.” But is it? I hope not. I hope my clients become friends for life. I love nothing more than follow up from clients as to how my art has changed the way they feel about themselves and their loved ones. I’m excited to hear about referrals my clients send to me. and who knows, there just might be a Christmas gift coming from me in your mailbox some years ;-)

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