High contrast, low key bridal boudoir

As the summer temps rise across southern Arizona, wedding clients are ever in search of ways to get great photos from their special day while staying out of the Tucson heat. Here’s a fun way to start the wedding day for a bride to be. Some high contrast, low key lighting. Contrary to what you might think, we don’t need a dark closet to achieve such a look, but rather using high powered strobes and a proper understanding of controlling ambient lighting via manual exposure techniques.

I do not shoot such photos 1 on 1 alone with a bride/model, but always have at least one other person present. Further, I obtain consent for such images to be published as well as a signed release before displaying them publicly. Just because we shoot a photo like this on your wedding day, dosen’t mean I’ll display it without first checking with you. Thanks for visiting!

High Contrast 01.jpg
High Contrast 02.jpg
High Contrast 03.jpg
High Contrast 04.jpg
High Contrast 05.jpg
High Contrast 06.jpg
High Contrast 07.jpg