A Boudoir Photoshoot

As the Southern Arizona summer heat rages on, it becomes more challenging to stay creative in the summer months. Headshots are one way to spend the time, but so is using soft, indoor window light for full length portraits of people. While sunrise and sunset tend to saturate colors for a 'warmer' glow and are therefore the preferred times for shooting most beautiful desert landscape images, I prefer shooting during the midday hours for window light given the overall volume of light as well as the decreased likelihood that sun will be shining directly through the window onto my subject(s). Window light is one of my favorite light sources as it is soft, directional, diffuse, and of course, free!  There's no batteries to charge, gear to haul, or obnoxious stands [for me] to trip over during the shoot.

Enter Tucson model Annabelle. For my first boudoir shoot, she made my job much easier. I am grateful for her hard work and preparation for the shoot!

I must also thank event planner Kathryn L'Heureux, a rising star in the Arizona wedding planner industry, for assisting with this shoot. As a male photographer I will only participate in a shoot like this with another female present or a household member of the model present.

Tucson Arizona Buoidoir Photographer 01
Tucson Arizona Boudoir Photography 02
Critique 03.jpg
Tucson Arizona Boudoir Photographer 04
Tucson Arizona Boudoir Photography 05
Tucson Arizona Boudoir Photography 06
Tucson Arizona Boudoir Photography 07
Tucson Arizona Boudoir Photography 08
Tucson Arizona Boudoir Photography  09
Tucson Arizona Boudoir Photographer 10
Tucson Arizona Boudoir Photographer 11