Unboxing Your Heirloom Wedding Album (Tucson Arizona Wedding Photography)

Whether you're planning your wedding or are recently married, you're probably excited for the day you open your professional quality wedding album. If it was designed by a pro, hand assembled, and made in the USA, you're in for a real treat. Here's a little sneak preview of opening the book that will document the most important day of your lives.


Albums are shipped in sturdy boxes with lots of industrial strength bubble wrap inside.

Tucson Wedding Photographer album unboxing

You'll find a nice box within a box. Or if you ordered a form fitting slip case, that will be next. A slipcase is a great option to protect the integrity of the album's spine if you wish to store it vertically on your bookcase. Otherwise, this box will work great to store it flat on a shelf.

Tucson Wedding Photography album unboxing

Wouldn't you know it, inside the 2nd box you find more foam padding and classy tissue wrap.

Tucson wedding photographer album unboxing

Upon feeling your professionally designed handmade album, you'll smile and breathe a sigh of confidence as to why you chose only the best to document your special day until the end of time. This is the book your kids and grand kids will most remember you by.

For this studio sample I designed a two-toned, glove leather cover. I've never felt more luxurious, smooth leather in my life.

leather wedding album cover Tucson Arizona high quality handmade

The days of old drop-in albums are long gone. A page from a magazine style lay-flat album is a giant printed photo securely mounted on a quality substrate. Pages are thick enough that can turn them by touching the edges only. Even if you do touch the pages themselves, they are coated to resist wear.

The little things add up when choosing only the highest quality wedding album. Folded pano seams show little visible presence across the middle of each spread.

Tucson wedding photographer album seamless spread folded pano


I am pleased to include a credit towards the cost of your albums with every wedding collection I offer. Please contact me if you're planning a wedding in Southern Arizona to experience my studio sample albums yourself. Thank you for choosing only the best to document a day that will echo throughout eternity.