... A picture is worth a thousand words -Fredrick R. Barnard

"When you leave this workshop, I want you to go home and pick out your favorite images you've ever taken--not someone else--YOUR favorite photos. I want you to earnestly study those photos that you love so much. I want you to go into a room, turn on a little music, bring a glass of wine, lock the door, and I want you to look at those photos... Eventually you're going to find yourself in every one of those photos... There's no way that you can take a picture, and not leave a piece of yourself in every image that you take." -Joe Bussink, LA wedding photographer.

"We [photographers] have the ability to change the way people feel about themselves with the single click of a shutter." -Peter Hurley. New York City headshot photographer.

With that said, if you want to see what's most recently going on with me, check out my wedding blog.

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